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Good mornng and welcome to my first blogpost for this year.

It would have been two days earlier when I had typed up the entire blog post and… somehow deleted the entire thing! So time for take two.

This laundry liquid is a real money saver.  One litre costs just 9p to make and washes 8 loads of laundry (using 125ml per wash) which means that each load costs only 1.1p!!!  My calculations tell me that this works out to be 25 TIMES CHEAPER per load than the laundry detergent I was buying.

This detergent cuts through grease, cleans and softens fabric.  It won’t clog up your machine and is great for hard water AND is fragrance free.

It only requires 3 ingredients to make and I call these super duper ingredients, here’s why.


I am sure I don’t need to tell you about soapflakes.  They do what they say on the tin.

Soda Crystals

‘Soda Crystals are ideal for removing grease and dirt, making them a true multi-purpose cleaner. If you are immersing your hands in them for any length of time, it’s best to wear rubber gloves.

Soda Crystals are extremely good value, with hundreds of uses including:

  • Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans
  • Helping keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free
  • Removing moss and algae from patios
  • A floor cleaner with natural disinfecting properties.
  • Soda Crystals are approved by DEFRA for the prevention of ‘foot & mouth’ disease.

Soda Crystals can also be used to soften the water in your washing machine. This means you’ll need less detergent – saving you money – as well as helping remove stains. It will also help make your clothes softer. With regular use, Soda Crystals will also help keep your washing machine free of limescale and detergent build up.’

Borax substitute

Home uses for Borax around the home include:

  • A laundry booster
  • Multi-purpose cleaner. When mixed with water, lemon juice or White Vinegar, it is an excellent scouring agent and slightly more abrasive than Bicarbonate of Soda
  • A disinfectant
  • A desiccant for drying flowers for example
  • As an insecticide
  • Borax can also help cover urine smells and act as a general deodorizer
  • Borax also makes a good floor cleaner.
  • Not for culinary or medicinal use.

So onto the recipe!

Easy Peasy liquid laundry detergent (makes 10 litres)

1 cup soap flakes

1/2 cup borax substitute

1/2 cup soda crystals

Fill a large bucket with 8.5 litres of cold water and set aside.  The bucket should be able to hold at least 12 litres of water.

Fill a large pot with 1.5 litres of water and place on a medium heat on the hob.  Add the soap flakes, borax substitute and soda crystals. Stir continusously while the ingredients combine with the water.



When the soap flakes have dissolved completely it should look like this.


Now stir for at least 5 minutes more.  You want to make COMPLETELY 100% SURE that all the soap flakes have dissolved or your laundry liquid will have lumps in it.

Once you are sure the soapflakes have dissolved completely, turn off the hob and pour the soapy ingredients into the large bucket of cold water. Stir well to mix.

Allow the detergent to cool completely.  The mixture will thicken up as it cools turning it into a sort of gel.

Once it’s cooled, use a funnel to fill old bottles with your liquid detergent.


As you can see I used the end of a soda bottle as my funnel.  Make sure to leave a small space at the top of the bottle to allow you to shake the detergent before using it.

Now label and that’s it!  You are done.

You can of course double the mixture provided you have a large enough bucket.

You can of course add some essential oil if desired to give your laundry detergent a nice smell.

10 litres of laundry detergent lasts me for about 3 months!

I would love to hear your comments below.

I love you all and thanks for reading,

Bright blessings,





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12 thoughts on “Easy peasy liquid laundry detergent

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    • you can use regular borax although I have heard that it can be bad for you. Perhaps look online for the substitute to be safe x

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  3. I am liking your recipe for two reasons. Actually three, first off it does appear to be easy, second I had no idea there was an alternative to Borax and most importantly…it is liquid! I have been looking for a liquid recipe! Ty!

    • Thanks Catherine! With the amount of laundry I do,buying laundry detergent was just not cost effective for my budget. I find I’m saving at least £25 on laundry detergent a month. The great thing about the ingredients for this list is that they are easily available and they last for ages. This is the fourth batch of laundry detergent I’ve made and I still have at least half of the ingredients left! Let me know how you get one with this recipe x

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